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did you think that i would cry on the phone?
do you know what it feels like bein' alone?
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4th-May-2020 12:55 am - eridan ampora; ic contact
im not lookin at the computer right noww
just send a message ill get back to ya later
unless youre a useless brinesuckin wwaste a space

then i wwont
where thoughts can bloom
28th-Apr-2020 09:51 am - eridan ampora; "permissions" post
Alright. I know that Homestuck isn't the most popular fandom outside of its fans if that makes any sense. So I know some people don't want to get tagged by bold-courier-bright-colours-and-grammar-what-grammar. Understandable.

I'm just one person, though, and having to check a permissions post every time I want to tag someone will make this not-fun. So let's compromise!

I promise I won't get offended and will comply to the best of my ability if...

1. I tag you and you don't like the typing quirk but want to tag with Eridan.

- Request a move to video or voice in the subject line and I'll do so. Eridan likes to listen to himself talk, so it isn't even OOC!

2. I tag you and you don't like Eridan or Homestuck.
- Just refrain from tagging me back and I won't fuss. If you don't like Eridan but you want to tag with me as a player, just reply with an OOC note requesting another character and I'll find someone else who's interested in your post!

as good as love you could you can
caligulasAquarium [CA] posted an entry.

i get it
im such a fuckin LOSER and evveryone thinks i deservve to die
come fuckin kill this vversion a me too
doesnt seem to matter wwhether i done anythin to deservve it
so go on
fuckin do it
thought your problems were gone
17th-Jul-2011 11:56 am - eridan: > confront your kismesis [rl]
[So LOWAA does get lonely, even if the angels aren't all dead this time and he's got the community and three quadrants (shaky as he feels they might be sometimes). And he hasn't properly faced off with Sol yet, not in person. So he decides to set off, hoisting Ahab's Crosshairs over one shoulder, adjusting the collar on his cape, going over in his head again how much of a complete jackass Sol is, and setting off to the gates. At least being a set of trolls on the same team, it's easier to get hold of each other than it is with John or something.

Landing on LOBAF, he looks around with his eyes narrowed, and sets off to find Sol. It isn't that hard to come up behind him while Fef isn't around, whether or not he's managed to sneak up on the other troll. Eridan hoists his gun onto his shoulder properly, arms coming up to support the weapon's weight, and aims the glowing tip directly at the back of Sol's head.]

Got ya.
said some things they had no right to
[ooc: to clarify the locks - he tried to make it private to john and filed to fully lock it, leaving it extremely vulnerable to hacking (shoddy filter is shoddy), but he double-locked it from kanaya and rose, so basically, everyone but kanaya and rose can see this if they choose to pry a little]

caligulasAquarium [CA] posted an entry.

i got some stuff i need to figure out in the aftermath a this fuckin colossal fuckery goin on
i already vvented my feelins so many fuckin times and it isnt like many people cared much so im gonna savve that for wwhen things finally get to sinkin down in my think pan since i cant quite process right noww

i feel a little strange under this but seein wwhat happened made me think maybe i should reconsider this wwand bollocks kan wwas goin on wwith
in my timeline she isnt dead yet and she has this fuckin wwand shell make for me and i nevver intended under takin it from her considerin howw she acted at me before i didnt wwant to givve her the satisfaction
but noww im startin to reconsider under wwhether i take it
it seems fuckin powwerful and easy to underestimate
it beat sol fef and kan wwithout much effort and evven if that isnt wwhat im intendin to do wwith it in my timeline
maybe if i take it i can do somethin about the situation later

does thinkin about this mean im fucked up
nothing left to sell him
[he's really not sure if he should actually expect the bitch to show up, but at the same time, he's pretty sure she will. for once, she seemed into it, like it wasn't some stupid awkward conversation with lame attempts to rile her up and his blood was positively POUNDING.

and damn if it didn't feel good.

so he waited for her to show up, standing outside his hive on LOWAA, a world entirely covered in cathedrals and towers in monochrome, everything in monochrome, only populated by the angels in the sky and Eridan standing by the only non-monochrome thing in the place, his ship hive]

Bring it, Vvris...
tell me i'm right
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