eridan ampora ♒ caligulasAquarium (ovversensitivve) wrote,
eridan ampora ♒ caligulasAquarium

eridan: > have a candlelight hate date with vriska [rl]

[he's really not sure if he should actually expect the bitch to show up, but at the same time, he's pretty sure she will. for once, she seemed into it, like it wasn't some stupid awkward conversation with lame attempts to rile her up and his blood was positively POUNDING.

and damn if it didn't feel good.

so he waited for her to show up, standing outside his hive on LOWAA, a world entirely covered in cathedrals and towers in monochrome, everything in monochrome, only populated by the angels in the sky and Eridan standing by the only non-monochrome thing in the place, his ship hive]

Bring it, Vvris...
Tags: !: real life, hate date time, re: vriska serket
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