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eridan ampora; cr chart

character relationships
aradia megido
i cant seem to get the pale feelins outta my head for this girl despite her bein my auspistice
shes just too fuckin amazin

♈ clubs
tavvros nitram
wweak wwilled and kinda pathetic but resilient as hell and thoughtful so hes gotta havve somethin goin on

♉ neutral
sollux captor
upright civvilized dumbshit wwith a bigger ego than he deservves and too much fuckin charisma the complete fucker
sometimes i like him and that bothers me

♊ spades
karkat vvantas
i consider him a pretty good friend evven if he seems to hate me most the time but thats howw kar is

♋ friend
:( nepeta leijon
she isnt here and my heart is a gapin wwound wwithout her

♌ ???
kanaya maryam
im definitely still flushed for this evvil creature but she keeps hurtin me
i just wwant her to fuck off noww but shes the other part a my ashen romance

♍ clubs
terezi pyrope
dont talk to her much but shes fuckin wweird and makes it wway too easy to get under her skin

♎ neutral
vvriska serket
ex kismesis and still got it in her to annoy the carp outta me but i generally abstain except the occasional black flirtation

♏ complicated
equius zahhak
dont talk to him much but hes a pretty strong guy wwhatevver
seems to havve a good head on his shoulders sometimes

♐ neutral
gamzee makara
dont talk to this one much either but i think his miracles are kinda stupid

♑ neutral
eridan ampora
has an awwesome gun and is royalty and stuff and hey evveryone else is on here

♒ complicated
feferi peixes
ex moirail but her future self came and said i should try gettin flushed wwith her again so i think i might try

♓ complicated
john egbert
moirail wwho sometimes doesnt understand the concept a keepin faithful
sometimes he hurts me but i dont really wwant to givve him up seein as hes cute and a good moirail otherwwise

♦ diamonds
jade harley
dont talk to her much but she hates me for no reason so wwhatevver annoyin

☢ dislike
rose lalonde
unreasonable and selfish and completely fuckin ridiculous
she likes sayin stupid things wwhile tryin to sound smart

☽ dislike
davve strider
nevver talked to him so i havvent got a clue i just knoww hes cool or somethin

✇ neutral
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