eridan ampora ♒ caligulasAquarium (ovversensitivve) wrote,
eridan ampora ♒ caligulasAquarium

[video/locked go sollux captor] eridan: > torment your new kismesis

[video post; locked very heavily to only Sollux Captor and Eridan Ampora]

[the video feed is a bit jerky for a few moments, as if the camera is being held by someone whose hand is shaking slightly. the feed swings around dizzily, showing a sort of cave made of brain - somewhere private and obviously on Sollux's world. Feferi (or rather, Kanaya) is nowhere to be seen, and when the video settles, it's on Sollux's face, but wearing more of an Eridan-like smirk.

there is sweat on his brow, and he's shaking, breathing a bit heavily. he is obviously not wearing a shirt, and after verifying that the camera's in place, he looks down again. the video only shows the area from Sollux's lower chest to his head, nothing below]

Tho...I figured, thinth I havve your body and all, I'd play around wwith it, right? No shame in that, it'th my kithmethith...fuck, thith lithp blowwth. But yeah, it'th your body, and wwe're in a fuckin' relationship, right?

[he shakes his head and makes a short little laugh with not much humor in it. his right hand is still held below camera level, but after a moment, he lifts it to face level, tilting his head back and to the side a bit, examining his borrowed fingers, which are coated with thick yellow blood]

Tags: being diabolical, re: sollux captor, virus: bodyswap,
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