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[locked from kanaya, rose; partial fail locked to john] eridan: > ponder magic

[ooc: to clarify the locks - he tried to make it private to john and filed to fully lock it, leaving it extremely vulnerable to hacking (shoddy filter is shoddy), but he double-locked it from kanaya and rose, so basically, everyone but kanaya and rose can see this if they choose to pry a little]

caligulasAquarium [CA] posted an entry.

i got some stuff i need to figure out in the aftermath a this fuckin colossal fuckery goin on
i already vvented my feelins so many fuckin times and it isnt like many people cared much so im gonna savve that for wwhen things finally get to sinkin down in my think pan since i cant quite process right noww

i feel a little strange under this but seein wwhat happened made me think maybe i should reconsider this wwand bollocks kan wwas goin on wwith
in my timeline she isnt dead yet and she has this fuckin wwand shell make for me and i nevver intended under takin it from her considerin howw she acted at me before i didnt wwant to givve her the satisfaction
but noww im startin to reconsider under wwhether i take it
it seems fuckin powwerful and easy to underestimate
it beat sol fef and kan wwithout much effort and evven if that isnt wwhat im intendin to do wwith it in my timeline
maybe if i take it i can do somethin about the situation later

does thinkin about this mean im fucked up
Tags: emotional theatrics, re: jack noir, sgrub, white science
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