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eridan: > confront your kismesis [rl]

[So LOWAA does get lonely, even if the angels aren't all dead this time and he's got the community and three quadrants (shaky as he feels they might be sometimes). And he hasn't properly faced off with Sol yet, not in person. So he decides to set off, hoisting Ahab's Crosshairs over one shoulder, adjusting the collar on his cape, going over in his head again how much of a complete jackass Sol is, and setting off to the gates. At least being a set of trolls on the same team, it's easier to get hold of each other than it is with John or something.

Landing on LOBAF, he looks around with his eyes narrowed, and sets off to find Sol. It isn't that hard to come up behind him while Fef isn't around, whether or not he's managed to sneak up on the other troll. Eridan hoists his gun onto his shoulder properly, arms coming up to support the weapon's weight, and aims the glowing tip directly at the back of Sol's head.]

Got ya.
Tags: !: real life, being diabolical, hate date time, re: sollux captor,
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