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eridan ampora; "permissions" post

Alright. I know that Homestuck isn't the most popular fandom outside of its fans if that makes any sense. So I know some people don't want to get tagged by bold-courier-bright-colours-and-grammar-what-grammar. Understandable.

I'm just one person, though, and having to check a permissions post every time I want to tag someone will make this not-fun. So let's compromise!

I promise I won't get offended and will comply to the best of my ability if...

1. I tag you and you don't like the typing quirk but want to tag with Eridan.

- Request a move to video or voice in the subject line and I'll do so. Eridan likes to listen to himself talk, so it isn't even OOC!

2. I tag you and you don't like Eridan or Homestuck.
- Just refrain from tagging me back and I won't fuss. If you don't like Eridan but you want to tag with me as a player, just reply with an OOC note requesting another character and I'll find someone else who's interested in your post!

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